Weird Store Finds This Week

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Sometimes the freakiest things that I've ever seen are the things we create ourselves. From "companion robots" with "frigid" settings to these weird wine stockings for Christmas, sometimes I wonder just where we are headed as a species. Some items aren't nefarious at all, but just weird, like this Nicolas Cage pillow or this cat butt gum. Some items might even make great gifts for the people in your life who like weird stuff, like this super weird squirrel puppet for your fingers.

It's not only amazing that people will think up and actually create these freaky goodies, but that others will actually buy them as well! From beer-flavored jelly beans and cotton candy to swimsuits that make you look as if you're covered in chest hair, there's no end to the weird things you'll find on the Internet.

What is the weirdest thing you've discovered while shopping lately? Did you get it for someone or did you cringe and close that tab quick?

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