The Flat Earth campaign spreads to billboards

The Flat Earth campaign spreads to billboards

Why is this still a thing?

 Of all the weird things happening in 2017, I never would have predicted that the Flat Earth Society would be surviving, much less thriving and advertising. The latest development: a billboard promoting the Flat Earth "theory" is being placed outside the Tulsa International Airport.

The billboard was purchased by a dedicated member of a Flat Earth Facebook group, who paid $1500 to sponsor the billboard for a month. 

In a national atmosphere that seems to be fostering conspiracy theories left and right, the Flat Earth concept is "flourishing," despite centuries of ample evidence to the contrary. And despite what you may wish was true, many Flat Earthers are not kidding: they really believe that this whole "the planet is round" thing is a conspiracy.

The first and foremost item of evidence given for the Flat Earth theory by the Flat Earth Society FAQ is "The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat." This society believes that the Earth is shaped like a flat disk with the North Pole in the center, and an ice wall surrounding the edge, which "explorers have named Antarctica."

The short list of celebrities who believe the Earth is flat includes NBA star Kyrie Irving, Tila Tequila, and rapper B.o.B., which is excellent evidence that we should not look to celebrities for any kind of guidance, much less scientific advice.