An Earthquake Swarm

This unexplained seismic activity is just weird

Seismic waves were found all around the world on November 11 and scientists still aren't sure of what to make of it. The U. S. Geographical Survey detected waves in Ethiopia, New Zealand, Spain and Zambia for twenty minutes. Usually these kinds of low-frequency signals are the result of volcanic activity. Researchers say that they've never seen anything like this, given that usually earthquakes release a big burst of energy followed by different types of waves afterward. But there was no earthquake to generate these waves, which are unlike any others ever measured before.

Since the waves broke out, there's been a little more understanding reported about the seismic activity, which seems to be an "earthquake swarm" with many aftershocks. That said, it's still not normal activity by any means and scientists are continuing to study these phenomena that no humans felt.

Have you read about any freaky phenomena this week? What did you find?

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