Your Ear Wax Profile

Did you know that your ear wax has a lot to say about you? For starters, in the Western world, most people have “wet” ear wax, while in the East, more people have “dry” ear wax. The wax, which holds lots of fats, functions to help keep out bacteria, dust and other substances from your ear, but it is also related to how much you smell!

Studies show that people with “wet” ear wax have more body odor than people with “dry” wax, and the wax itself has its own unpleasant odor. Experts say that someday we may even use it to help diagnose disease. It is already used to help identify facts about different animal species, such as the whale, which can collect more than ten inches of wax over time. Learn more about ear wax and other cool (and gross) facts at Gross Science from PBS.

Are you a dry or wet ear wax person? Do you think it effects how you smell?

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