March 2017

Bank of America is Fighting Our Robot Overlords

Remember how we never imagined that teen magazines, park rangers and the Webster’s dictionary would be leading the fight against the extreme Right in 2017? Yeah, wrap your head around the fact that Bank of America, Elon Musk and other billionaires are privately funding scientific research to get us out of a matrix in which we are stuck in a simulation of the real world.

Weird Fish-Prawn Hybrid Discovered

It’s a photo that you just can’t forget. In Australia, a fish-prawn hybrid has been discovered, making fishermen shake in their boots. It turns out that the animal was actually an armored sea robin, a rare fish that lives in deep tropical waters. Between its stiff rays, scuttling feet and horns, the bottom-dwelling fish is definitely not something you see every day. It’s no wonder fisherman thought they’d stumbled upon some kind of sea dragon monster!