August 2017

Some Bats are Downright Creepy

With as many adorable bat videos and memes being shared around the Internet, it's easy to wonder why people were ever afraid of bats. They're just adorable little fruit-eaters, right? Well... sort of. Some bats do drink blood, but it's usually that of an animal like a cow rather than humans (although humans have been bitten, of course). But there are some bats that are just so awkward and downright freaky looking that it's easy to understand why some people have bat phobias.


It's a pretty gross story if it's a true one: A woman is suing Chick-Fil-A not because of their bigotry or contributions to organizations that want to kill gay people as you might expect, but because she says she found a rodent cooked into her bun. First she thought it was burned, then she flipped it on a table and saw that there was what appeared to be a small rodent in the bread.