May 2017

Baby Monitor Nightmares

Last week we discussed the organ snatcher urban legend and how it's been proven to be true. Today's urban legend is another true one that comes from more modern times. The story is that parents hear something evil coming from baby's room, like "I want to see what your insides look like!" Okay, that's from Scream, but the idea is that there's some creepy psycho's voice coming in through the baby monitor. 

New documentary claims UFOs were responsible for Marilyn Monroe's death

Was she killed for what she knew?

 A new documentary titled "Unacknowledged," directed by Michael Mazzola, alleges that Marilyn Monroe was about to go public with her knowledge of the truth about UFOs, and that she was killed to prevent this from happening. The documentary follows Dr. Steven Greer, who believes that the United States government has been covering up knowledge of the existence of UFOs for decades.

Real Organ Snatchers?

The thing about urban legends is that there is often some truth to the stories, even if it's a teeny, tiny piece of evidence. When it comes to the famous story about tourists waking up missing their organs, however, there is some truth to the tale. No, there haven't been any proven rings of organ smugglers just yet, but there has been at least one account of people having their organs stolen.